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Another 'Canterbury Music' masterpiece !

After five years, the big 'Crescent' label project is finished.

Canterbury's first class melody maker, Dave Sinclair's great new studio album ' Stream', will be available soon.

On this album, the track 'Sad Eyes' features Robert Wyatt's vocal, 'Springwater' is a vivid and fluent piano solo piece, and the three great 'Canterbury' musicians, R. Wyatt, J.Hastings, and D. Sinclair come together for the beautiful finale, 'Stream'. These are just some examples of what must be Dave's finest album to date.

Guest musicians include:

Robert Wyatt ( ex Soft Machine, Matching Mole ) : Vocal & Cornet
Jimmy Hastings : Flutes, Clarinets, & Soprano Sax
Andy Latimer ( Camel ) : Electric Lead Guitar
Annie Haslam ( Renaissance ) : Vocal
Barbara Gaskin ( Stewart & Gaskin ) : Vocal
Dave Stewart ( Stewart & Gaskin ) : Keyboard & Arrangement
Doug Boyle ( ex Robert Plant Band / ex Caravan ) : Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Fred Baker : Bass
Morgan Fisher ( ex Mott The Hoople ) : keyboard
Derby Cathedral Choir
Yoshitaka Enomoto : Drums & Percussion
and many others.

(For people wishing to purchase outside of Japan, the release dates may be slightly later than advertised.)

Apology for the delay of Stream CD distribution for abroad.
Maybe until December we can finish setting up.
Y.Andow / Crescent Label

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